2019 has been an exciting year, with my own animated action-comedy series Kangaroo Beach in production, due on ABC Kids in 2020.

More details in this terrific Kidscreen article.


It’s been another fun-filled year of comedy and kids writing on some excellent new shows, including Aardman’s MorphThe Rubbish World of Dave Spud starring Johnny Vegas, supernatural comedy The Strange Chores, delightful preschool series Bluey and more episodes of global sensation PJ Masks. I was lucky enough to win my second AWGIE for best Educational Doco for Mini Beast Heroes and moonlighted as an actor doing voices for Thomas & Friends Series 22, 23 and 24.

thomas and shane the train


Dave Spud

strange chores


PJ Masks

Mini Beast Heroes


I’m absolutely chuffed – I just won the Best Children’s Episode at the British Writers’ Guild Awards. I’m thrilled to be part of a stellar group of British writing talent!

British Writers Build Award 2018


After a 3-year losing streak I finally won an Australian Writers Guild Award (AWGIE) for my episode “Room of Panic” for Disney XD show Counterfeit Cat. It was a huge thrill and I dedicated the award to my twins – future kids TV aficionados!

Awgies 2017


It’s been the most thrilling year of my life with the birth of my gorgeous twins Madeleine and Sebastian. Alongside bringing up the bouncing bubs, I’ve been writing for a swag of brilliant shows including Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed, Thomas & Friends, and brand new series of Digby Dragon and PJ Masks. I’ve also been developing my own sitcom with co-writer Tony Cooke for CBBC and the Comedy Unit, and an animated action comedy series Kangaroo Beach with the ABC and Cheeky Little Media.


One of my biggest career inspirations was seeing an Aardman retrospective at a local cinema when I was a teenager – the very first time I saw a Wallace & Gromit short (The Wrong Trousers). I remember being captivated by the hilarious characters, jaw-dropping claymation and the climactic edge-of-your seat train chase. Since then it’s been a dream to work for Aardman – and this month that dream came true, as I begin devlopment work on an up-and-coming in-house series. I even got to meet Wallace and Gromit!



This month I started work on a couple of cool new shows, Channel 5’s Oddbods and live action comedy-science show Oh Yuck! for Netflix.



I’ve completed some development work on a series for Rovio, related to the hit 2016 movie Angry Birds. Loads of fun working amongst the furious fowls and plundering piggies!


JULY 2016

When I teamed up with my uber-talented mate Tony Cooke recently to drum up a few series ideas, we came up with a live-action comedy series with a 1990s theme called New Girl on the Block. This week we pitched it ‘Dragon’s Den’-style to a panel of execs at the Children’s Media Conference – and won a three-month option deal from Cheryl Taylor at CBBC. We’re absolutely stoked! Here we are, risking our careers in front of a room full of our colleagues, dressed in 90s costume and Hammer pants…

tim bain tony cooke new girl cmc

JUNE 2016

I’ve begun work on a delightful new series called Bitz & Bob, which aims to inspire a passion for engineering. More info here.

MAY 2016

The very funny action-comedy series Counterfeit Cat starts this month on Disney XD, and the animation is sublime! Check out the opening title sequence…

APRIL 2016

This month I’m writing my first episode for a very exciting new action-adventure series for CBeebies. It’s all under wraps at the moment, but promises to be a huge hit for under-6s!


MARCH 2016

I’ve begun work on a fantastic new show called Lexi & Lottie for Channel Ten Australia. The series sees twin detectives solving crimes at an animal park.

lexi and lottie


Two new shows I’ve written for recently debuted to amazing ratings. The new Bob the Builder reboot has been a smash on Channel 5 in the UK and PBS in the US. Go Jetters, which I co-developed, has been the number one show on CBeebies and even made it into BBC’s top 50. So proud to have been involved with these big hits!

go jetters 2016


I’ve just started work on the second series of Disney’s PJ Masks, which has been a huge hit in the US. As a big Marvel and DC geek, it’s awesome to be working on a show chockfull of superhero action aimed at a young audience. “PJ Masks we’re on our way, into the night to save the day!”

pj masks


There are some fantastic female characters in animated telly – Mablel Pines from Gravity Falls is my absolute favourite. But often they’re ignored and outnumbered by male leads. I’m proud to have created a strong female character for the new Bob the Builder – award-winning champion athlete and fitness instructor Skye Sampson, who pushes poor Bob outside his comfort zone. In this episode she teaches the winter-phobic builder to snowboard

bob the builder sky sampson


Bottersnikes & Gumbles is bouncing onto television in a few weeks time. The animation looks jaw-droppingly good!


The New Adventures of Figaro Pho has been nominated for an Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award (AACTA). Congratulations to the talented team at Chocolate Liberation Front!

figaro pho


One of my first gigs in kids TV several years ago was co-developing an action-comedy series for CBeebies called Go Jetters. Finally it’s here – and the animation is spectacular! So proud to have been involved with such a fast and funny show.


After two big years in the making, the new rebooted Bob the Builder is finally ready for telly! I’ve written 14 episodes of this brilliant show, and have learned everything there is to know about timber, steel and concrete in the process… and yet I still can’t renovate my own house without everything falling to pieces!

JULY 2015

awgie awards

I’ve been nominated for an AWGIE Award – for Best Animation! The script is “Camp Coppawannastopya”, an episode for Sticky Pictures’ Winston Steinburger & Sir Dudley Ding-Dong. I’m up against some excellent and very talented competition! Nominations here.

MAY 2015

Counterfeit Cat

I recently began work on a hilarious new show for Disney called Counterfeit Cat, starring the voice of my prank-tastic fonejacking hero Kayvan Novak. The visuals promise to be sidesplitting thanks to a unique storyboarding process which will ramp up the sight gags. Can’t wait to see some finished episodes!

MARCH 2015

bottersnikes and gumbles

Work has begun on Bottersnikes & Gumbles, a beautifully animated series about an all-out warfare between the loathsome and lazy Bottersnikes and the hilariously cheeky Gumbles. Set in a junkyard in outback Australia, the show will screen on CBBC and Netflix.



The rollicking action-comedy series Get Ace, for which I wrote 8 episodes last year, has been nominated for an AACTA Award (Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts) for best children’s series.


go jetters1

Finally my ocker Aussie accent has paid off! This month I recorded my voice as a Sydney yacht race commentator for an upcoming episode of CBeebies’ Go Jetters. It was a thrill to to be part of the (far more talented and professional) team of voice performers.


blake harrison tim bain bob the builder

As part of the writing team on two back-to-back series of the upcoming Bob the Builder reboot, I had the chance to drop in on a recording of actor Blake Harrison – the voice of digger Scoop. The Inbetweeners star said he’s grateful to finally have a show his family can watch!



<Insert schoolgirl scream here> I’m going to be interviewing Mr Bradley Pitt this month at the Tank Museum in Dorset, where he is promoting his new WWII film Fury! <More screaming>

JULY 2014

An exciting new project has arrived on the breakfast table care of an Australian animation company. It’s top secret until it premieres next year, but has oodles of action, comedy, girl power, and an international pop star at the helm!

JUNE 2014


I’ve been a big fan of Blue Zoo animation’s work on Tree Fu Tom and Q-Pootle 5, so I’m delighted to be writing for their new series Digby Dragon. Full of comic characters and slapstick hilarity, the magical show will screen on Nickelodeon next year.

MAY 2014

bob the builder

It’s official… a brand-spanking new series of Bob the Builder is in the works, and I’m very excited to be involved. I’ve always been the black sheep in a family of engineers — and now finally I have a chance to prove I can wield a wrench with the best of them (an animated wrench anyway).

APRIL 2014

winston steinburger

I’ve begun work on a wonderfully nutso new series called Winston Steinburger & Sir Dudley Ding-Dong, an animated 52-part series featuring “the hilarious hijinks of Winston Steinburger, his feline best friend Sir Dudley and an uptight alien, Hampton, as they explore the galaxy together in a homemade space cruiser”.

MARCH 2014

figaro pho

I’m been a big fanboy of the superbly animated and darkly hilarious Figaro Pho, and am thrilled to be writing on the new series. The show follows the misadventures of a boy with a phobia of absolutely everything – from old people to clowns to being stared at by a duck.


go jetters

Go Jetters, a series I helped to develop waaaay back in 2011 has just been commissioned as a 52-part animated action-adventure series for CBeebies. Go Jetters Go!


tooned 50a

Tooned 50 has won gold at the Eurobest European Advertising Awards! Congrats to the brilliant team at Framestore. Very proud to have been involved in such a classy show.

The series is now available on DVD, and all 8 episodes can be seen here


pirate dinosaurs

Looking forward to speaking again at this year’s London Screenwriter’s Festival, discussing the topic: “Does Writing for Kids offer the BIGGEST Opportunity in the Business?”.

This month I’ve been writing for a hilarious action-packed new show called Captain Flinn & the Pirate Dinosaurs, based on the bestselling books.


More Tooned 50 episodes have screened on Sky, and the animation is superb. Here’s episode 3, featuring world champ racing legend Emerson Fittapaldi.

JULY 2013

jenson button tim bain

It’s been a big few months here at the kitchen table. I’m finishing up co-writing Series 2 of Tooned – starring Formula 1 world champs Jenson Button, Alain Prost and Mika Hakkinen, alongside Alexander Armstrong and Hollywood legend Brian Cox.

boyster logoI’ve also begun writing for the lovely new animated Disney XD show Boyster, full of hilarity and heart.

MAY 2013

This month I’m working with the brilliant team at Framestore (Gravity, Paddington) to write Series 2 of Tooned for British Formula 1 team McLaren. The show stars the voices of driving stars such as Jenson Button, and is the follow-up to the hilarious first series. Admittedly I knew nothing about motor racing until I was hired on this show, but I’m learning fast and furiously.

ye olde dragons den

Check out Ye Olde Dragon’s Den, Tuesday 21st May, 5pm, which I co-wrote with some very talented comedy writers. My sketches feature the inventors of window wipers and whoopee cushions!

APRIL 2013

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my all-time heroes Mr Danny Boyle recently for FilmInk magazine, chatting about his new film Trance.


2 fireman sam

Last year my friend Bree somehow convinced me to dress up as Fireman Sam for her son’s 3rd birthday party. Must have been good karma, as I’ve just been hired to write for the next series of the CGI show! I’m thrilled to be a part of the enormously popular long-running series.

Tim Bain